CORE : As a policy, we use 100% Prime CRGO procured from the Russian/Korean/Japanese/European/American mills. The material is cut from mill’s service centers or the leading non-mill service centers under the Supervision of our Quality experts. We can offer Conventional/MoH/HiB/Domain Refined/ Laser material as per Customer requirements. The core assembly is done on our 200 Ton Core Stations.

COILS : The coils are made using New Copper sourced from Sterlite or Equivalent sources in India/Abroad. We employ the latest winding configuration as per the various Design Software Programs we have. The winding cylinder material, insulating material, paper insulation, thermally upgraded paper is sourced from world’s best suppliers such as Weidmann, Krempel, Munjsko. We have state of art Horizontal and Vertical Winding machines which meet precise winding tolerances. Our Quality experts check the integrity and performance of the windings during all stages.

INSULATION : As a policy, We generally use the insulation material sourced from Weidmann, Switzerland or European equivalent. We have our own insulation cutting facility to ensure best Quality and Conformance to specifications.

DRYING : After assembly of the core and coils, the entire unit is dried in our State of the Art Vapor Phase Drying Oven (VPD). This insures that the final product will maintain a power factor of less than 0.5%. After the transformer has been placed back into the tank a secondary dry-out will occur, that involves vacuum and hot oil treatment prior to testing.

TANK : We have developed a fleet of dedicated tank suppliers whose Quality is checked by our Experts. All tanks are pressure and vacuum tested to ensure integrity and performance.

TESTING : We have all facilities in-house to do Routine, Impulse, Temperature Rise, SFRA, Noise level, Oil tests for transformers upto 315 MVA, 400 kV Class.

FINAL PAINTING : Application of the finish coat is done after all tank surfaces are properly cleaned and prepared.

DISPATCH : The transformer gets prepared for shipping as per instructions furnished by Customer. The transportation including transit insurance to Customer site is handled by us unless specified otherwise by Customer.

Transformer Manufacturing

  • Power Transformer upto 315 MVA, 400 kV Class
  • Furnace Transformer upto 160 MVA rating
  • Rectifier Transformer upto 100 MVA rating
  • Wind Mill Application Transformers
  • Series and Shunt Reactors
  • Railways Transformers
  • Special Application Transformers

Contract Manufacturing

  • Winding
  • Core Building
  • Core Coil assembly
  • Complete Transformer